Sri Yantra Energised Sacred Geometry Card

Sri Yantra Energised Sacred Geometry Card


Sri Yantra Energised Golden Card


Discover our energised yantras cards.

Because of its nine triangles, Shri Yantra is also known as the Navayoni Chakra. When the two-dimensional Shri Yantra is represented in three dimensions, it is called a Maha Meru. Mount Meru derives its name from this shape. In addition to Mount Meru, all other yantras derive from the Shri Yantra.

🙏 In order to attract abundance and success to your life & and reduce negativity, start bringing balance from within 🙏 The nine interlocking triangles that surround the central point of our cards represent the cosmos & the human body. 😇 😍
Our Beautiful Energised Sri Yantra card clears any negative energies, attracts positive energy and helps during your meditation. 🙏.

Each Sri Yantra is made with a lot of care and has been energetically purified by a lightworker in order to support you.
You are of course welcome to energise them yourself. You will love the energy it brings to you and your home space.

You can use our yantras to support your journey within through meditation, to protect you from harmful influences, to develop your spiritual powers or to attract wealth and success.

Simply let us know the positive purpose you wish to use it for and we will get it energised for you.

Presented in a beautiful gift box, it is ideal to offer and to keep in good condition.

Free delivery in UK. Delivered with PEACE LOVE and LIGHT.

Size: 8cm x 8cm

Material: golden plates, brass

Estimated time of delivery: 5 to 8 days in EU and 20 days in US